Selected Publications


from "But Isn't It Beautiful" featured in Odes and Elegies
     "What overabundance is this?
     What pulsing points of lazy light,
     what luminous overcrowdings of this perpetual blue
     bloom at dusk? Translucent blossoms
     unconsumed by predators who, it seems, have died.
     But isn’t it beautiful? This proliferation
     of pale planets beneath the ocean’s midnight skin."

Odes and Elegies: Ecopoetry from the Texas Gulf Coast

November 2020

"But Isn't It Beautiful?"


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My Body is a Haunted House
Coming Soon


Academy of American Poets


Beyond Queer Words

"Saying Yes" (order copy here)


from "The Gift Shop at the End of the World"

"Remember the bees?             Buy a box of bees,    
will be important after the collapse
of the market economy, and these are the last bees
around. The era of cheap food ends today,
           buy all that you’ll need
for the rest of your life, however long
                                                           that proves to be."


Spring 2017

"Dinner with My Dying Mother"
"Elegy to the Woman Who Leapt in Front of My Car"
"Isambard Brunel Standing Before the Launching Chains of the Great Eastern 1857"
"Last Night I Dreamt of Drowning"
"Packing to Go Home"
"The Floods of Felsenthal"
"The Ways in Which I've Loved You" (available online)

"To Denver"

The Atlanta

Spring 2020

"All Souls Day"

The Offing
Spring 2020

"The Night Before the Summer Solstice" (available online)

"Field Tech to the Naked Mole Rat" (available online)

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Blue Stem

January 2020

"My Body is a Haunted House" (available online)

Hayden's Ferry Review
Spring 2020, #66

"My Mother Taught Me To"

"Polyamory: An Introduction"

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The West

Summer 2020

"The Space You Leave Behind" (available online)

Screen Door Review
July 2020

"Body as Text" (available online)

"Glory Be" (available online)

Penumbric Speculative Magazine
August 2020 &
October 2020 &
February 2021 &
April 2021

"Emp" (available online)

"Nuclear War" (available online)

"Asteroid Impact" (available online)

"Super Volcano" (available online)

Poetry South
December 2020

Permafrost Magazine
January 2021 & Upcoming

"Microcosm" (available online)

"True Facts About the Porcupine" (upcoming)

The Missouri Review
March 2021

"Erosion at Punalu'u Beach" (available online)

January 2022


"The Po'ouli"

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Prometheus Dreaming
Spring 2022

"Diagnosis" (available online)

Sad Girls Club
March 2022

"Conversion" (available online)

Copper Nickel
Spring 2022

"The Pagoda Slitshell" (order full issue here)

Spring 2022

"November Birth" (order full issue here)

Gulf Stream Magazine
Spring 2022

"School Assembly" (available online)

Arkansas Review
Spring 2022

"Jazz in June"

"The Center of the Storm"
"The Aftermath"

"What My Father Believes In"

(full issue available online)

Space City Underground
Trans of Texas Issue
Summer 2022

"Icarus Thinking About Her Body"

"Think Pink"
"Nonbinary Blues"

(full issue available online)

Prairie Schooner

"After Us"

"On the Grounds of a Hospital Under a Solitary Oak Tree That Patients"


from "The Aftermath"

"She set the peas aside and took me down to the beach, an easy stroll from the end of the lane to the end of the land. I walked into the gulf, saltwater wicking its way up my skirt, dyed half black by its heaviness. I turned away from her and cried, tears rivering down my road-dusted skin."

Fiction Magazine

June 2020

"Consumed" (Short Story, available online)

Permafrost Magazine
January 2021

"The Coyote" (Hybrid, available online)

Arkansas Review
Spring 2022

"The Aftermath" (Hybrid, full issue available online)


"There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger and unhappiness."   - Mahatma Gandhi

The Adroit

October 2020

"There is No Beauty in the Finest Cloth" (Collage Series, available online)

Space City Underground
August 2021

"Light-life" & "What We Once Had" (Illustration)

Full Issue Here (available online)