• Grace Wagner

Gender Euphoria: Recent Discussion of Gender and Identity

I just finished an interview with a friend, and I've come away with a sense of gender euphoria. While the interview was mainly about my poetry, it was also about my worldview and my conception of my gender. For coming-out purposes, I identify as nonbinary (specifically agender, gendervoid, or genderfae), an identity I have come to accept and embrace over the course of the last couple of years. Before that I honestly tried not think about my assigned gender too much. It never felt like a part of me, but rather like a costume I put on when I put on that day's outfit. Everything is a costume for me and this was just another way that manifested in my life.

But since I discovered alternatives to my assigned "female" identity, I've been engaged in exploring and expanding my concept of gender. I hope that being open and out about my journey of gender affirmation encourages others to think more critically about their gender whether they decided to change their assigned gender or not. It's important to think critically about all of our identities and not just accept the identities we are given. It made me feel a lot of euphoria when my interviewer was generally interested and excited to learn about my relationship with gender. And it gave me a lot of euphoria to explain it to eager ears.

So if all gender is drag, think about this: what kind of performance do you want to put on?

Image description: Classic green-skinned, black-eyed alien irons "woman suit" in a 1950s-style pink kitchen. A kitten and a puppy watch them.

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