Man walking in Nature

Salmagundi Magazine

Spring 2017

Poems: "Carthage" "Dinner with My Dying Mother" "Elegy to the Woman Who Leapt in Front of My Car" "Isambard Brunel Standing Before the Launching Chains of the Great Eastern 1857" "Last Night I Dreamt of Drowning" "Packing to Go Home" "The Floods of Felsenthal" "The Ways in Which I've Loved You." "To Denver"

Veterinarian with Dog

Palette Poetry

March 2020

Poem: "Veterinary Practice"

Image by Hiep Dai

Penumbric Speculative Fiction Magazine

June 2020

Fiction: "Consumed"

Dead Female Humpback Whale on Fire Islan

Palette Poetry

October 2020

Poem: "With Only the Moon to See"

Image by Ryan Lum

Penumbric Speculative Fiction Magazine

August 2020

Poem: "EMP"

Image by Hidde Rensink

Poetry South

December 2020

Poem: "Rewilding"

Image by Shifaaz shamoon

The Missouri Review

March 2021

Poem: "Erosion at Punalu'u Beach"

Spring Onions

Reckoning Magazine

April 2022, Volume 6

Poems: "Onions" & "The Po'ouli"

Chrysanthemum Close Up

The Atlanta Review

Spring 2020

Poem: "All Souls Day"

House in the Woods

Bluestem Magazine

January 2020

Poem: "My Body is a Haunted House"

Image by Evie S.

The West Review

Summer 2020

Poem: "The Space You Leave Behind"

Image by Alexander Krivitskiy

Screen Door Review

July 2020

Poems: "Body as Text" & "Glory Be"

1. How Has It Come to This.jpg

The Adroit Journal

October 2020

Collage Series: "There is No Beauty in the Finest Cloth"

Nature Reflecting on Crystal Glass

Permafrost Magazine

January 2021

Poem: "Microcosm"


Hybrid: "The Coyote"

North American Porcupine Erethizon dorsa

Permafrost Magazine


Poem: "True Facts About the Porcupine"


Space City Underground

August 2021

Art: "Light-Life" and "What We Once Had"


The Offing

Spring 2020

Poems: "The Night Before the Summer Solstice" & "Field Tech to the Naked Mole Rat"

Liquid Drop

Hayden's Ferry Review

Issue #66

Poems: "My Mother Taught Me To" 

& "Polyamory: An Introduction"

Aurelia Jellyfish

Odes and Elegies: Ecopoetry from the Texas Gulf Coast

November 2020

Poems: "But Isn't It Beautiful?" & "Birdwatching"

Image by Buse Doga Ay

Academy of American Poets

Fall 2020

Poem: "The Gift Shop at the End of the World" - Winner of an Academy of American Poets Prize

Image by Ana Itonishvili

Penumbric Speculative Fiction Magazine

October 2020

Poem: "Nuclear War"


Penumbric Speculative Fiction Magazine

February 2021

Poem: "Asteroid Impact"

Image by Aaron Thomas

Penumbric Speculative Fiction Magazine

April 2021

Poem: "Super Volcano"


Sad Girls Club

March 2022

Poem: "Conversion"