Tropical Leaves

National Poetry Writing Month Open Mic

April 8, 2021

Grace Wagner was invited to read at an open mic on Twitch to celebrate National Poetry Writing Month. To view the reading, go to


Permafrost Magazine Issue 42.2 Release Party

January 2021

Grace Wagner was invited to read their work recently published Permafrost Magazine for Permafrost's Issue Release Party. They read a poem entitled "Microcosm" and a hybrid prose-poem entitled "The Coyote" alongside other artist's published in the issue.

Words and Art - Houston Contemporary Art Museum

February 2020

Grace Wagner was invited to read their poem, "Colorstruck," in response to Garrett Bradley's "American Rhapsody," an installation piece at the Houston Contemporary Art Museum. 

Bohemeo's Cafe

February 25th 2020

Grace Wagner participated in an open mic at Bohemeo's at the Glass Mountain reading they help organize. Featured readers included Niki Herd and Sonia Hamer. 

Poetry and Prose - Ecopoetics of the Gulf

November 2019

Grace Wagner was invited to read poems written in their Ecopoetics of the Gulf seminar. They also presented a cine-poem on the destruction and loss of Southern Louisiana's marshlands and barrier islands. 

Brazos Bookstore

July 2019

Grace Wagner was invited to give a reading at the local Houstonian booksellers, Brazos Bookstore. They read a selection of ecopoems including "Gift Shop at the End of the World." Community engagement is an important part of their poetic process, and they enjoyed reading to the Houston community particularly on issues of the environment and climate change. Future readings will be posted. 

Poetry and Prose - University of Houston

November 2019

Grace Wagner presented their poems along with their classmates at the University of Houston Poetry and Prose Series. They presented a selection of ecopoems tangentially connected to the Gulf of Mexico, where they spent extensive time over the fall semester learning from enviornmentalists, biologists, and other field experts. Their work included pieces that contemplate the beginning of life on earth, the disappearance of the Southern Louisiana Wetlands, and queer coming of age stories in relation to nature.

Gulf Coast Reading Series

March 2019

Grace Wagner presented a selection of poems from their manuscript, 
Gift Shop at the End of the World for the local Houston community to much aclaim and encouragment. They read alongside Analicia Sotelo.